Khamis, 15 September 2011


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Assalamualaikum..selamat beristirehat..^__^
Actually i wanna start to use english language in every my post..however...muehehe @__@ seriously,im shy becoz my english so broken,right?huhuhu..what should i do? *tambling* matter what u'll say,i must move on.I mean after answered EPT exam,i thought that my vocabulary was less.The reason,not using  words frequently.Actually,when?where?At home,i like to use 'bugis' language to my parents even they are not. huh..errr..i think this much effort for my
But,i like to mention that my foreigner classmates so 'great'! They will speak in English even sometimes make mistakes & wrong pronunciation.I? Laughing!!! Everyday,in EPT class i thought that i have much,i would like to apologize here to all my foreigner classmates becoz always laughing in class!
hmm..i dunno if this a important thing,but,i love all my classmate..i like to make them as my family.Moreover,some of them (i supposed that  same aged with my parents) make me to remember my parents so lucky,right?
Once again,mianhae..(mianhae-in korean-same meaning with im sorry) chingu(s)...
tag:one day i will invite them to follow my blog..=)

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